President Banda will be respondible if any Lozis die in prison-Lozi leaders

President Rupiah Banda has been asked not to be vindictive in dealing with the issues relating to the Barotseland agreement of 1964.

A group of concerned old Lozis has since declared that President Banda and his government will be held responsible for any deaths, which might be recorded among the 22 people, arrested for treason.

This is contained in petition signed by some renowned Lozi people, among them former Prime Minister, General Malimba Masheke, and former transport and communications minister, William Harrington.

Other signatories to the petition are former secretary to cabinet, Sketchley Sacika and former Mongu central Member of Parliament, Francis Simenda.

And speaking on behalf of the signatories, General Masheke said that government must discharge the 22 people arrested for treason.

The 22 people are alleged to be masterminds of the attempted Barotseland secession and they were arrested during the mongu violent protests last month.

Muvi TV reports that General Masheke has explained that if the Director of Public Prosecutions does not commit the 22 suspects to the High Court by February 16th, 2011, then they should be released.

He has also accused Prison authorities of not caring for the 22 treason accused suspects.

Meanwhile, the daughter of one of the 22 incarcerated treason suspects has told Muvi TV news that life has become unbearable after the arrest of her father, Mutakela Mutakela.

Namushi Mutakela says the family has been suffering and finding it hard to cope in the absence of her father who was the bread-winner.

Mutakela Mutakela was arrested together with his four sons, among other 130 people, during last month’ mongu violent protests.

And another relative to one of the suspects, Captain Nyambe Inambao has condemned the move by government to move the non-charged, but arrested, mongu violence protestors, from Mongu to Mumbwa.

Captain Inambao says the move has disadvantaged their family members, who now have to travel to Mumbwa to see their relatives.

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