Pray for govt, Catholics urged

A clergyman in Mansa district has urged churches in
Zambia to desist from engaging into active politics but instead pray for
the success of the government of the day.

Mansa Grace Ministries’ Reverend, Cruise Lumbama bemoaned the embarrassing
situation some church members and leaders have found themselves into
because of being involved in active politics.

Reverend Lumbama was speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony for a
skills center to be built in Mansa by Grace Ministries at the total cost of
K350 million.

In a clear reference to the Catholic Church, Rev. Lumbama noted that church leaders, who involve themselves in
politics, are denting the image of the churches they represent and their

He said the church has a duty to pray for the leadership of the government
instead of unceasingly attacking government leaders and demonstrating
against government.

He said government leaders were chosen by God through people and therefore
should be respected, advised and prayed for when they go wrong rather than
criticizing them.

Rev. Lumbama said the church should work with the government of the day in
promoting development in the nation.

He said the churches, which are active in politics, should redirect their
energy from criticizing the government to putting more weight on
developmental projects.

He said his church will not waste time to complain about government but
shall supplement its effort to alleviate poverty in the nation.

“Our church will not waste time to complain about the government because
the church is supposed to work with government to alleviate poverty,” he

Rev. Lumbama noted that the current government was committed to develop
the nation but needed concerted efforts from other organizations such as
the church inclusive.

He said his church was emulating what he described as ‘hard working
government’ by putting up a K 350 million skills training center project.

The clergyman said the skills center will provide people with necessary
skills which will enable them earn a living.

Rev. Lumbama said the project will help reduce poverty in Luapula
Province, particularly Mansa as it will equip people with skills which will
make them become employers.

And Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Jazzman Chikwakwa has commended
Grace Ministries for the initiative of putting up a skills training centre.

Mr. Chikwakwa said government was impressed with Grace Ministries’
initiative to complement its effort to alleviate unemployment and poverty.

He has since appealed to other churches in the country to emulate Grace


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