Pregnances in Kalomo school worrying

Mwaata day High School authorities in Kalomo have expressed worry over the increasing rate of pregnancies and abortions being recorded at the learning institution.

School Headteacher, Benson Hachoombe said in an interview that an average of 10 female pupils fail to report for school at the start of every new term due to either induced abortions or pregnancy.

Mr Hachoombe has since appealed to guardians to assist the school administration to impart good morals in the children to avoid such precedents.

“There is a growing concern especially with girls. The issue of pregnancies and abortions has become common, there is little that the school can do to prevent the vice unless parents are highly involved. Children are mostly living in rented rooms on their own and as a day school control is very difficult.” Mr Hachoombe stated.

The school has a large number of its pupils renting apartments in the surrounding areas while a small fraction is staying with relatives.

The scenario has resulted in undesirable behavior among some pupils who have involved themselves in illicit practices such as unprotected sex and patronising beer houses.

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