Pregnant girl, 2 children drown in swimming pool

Pregnant girl, 2 children drown in swimming pool


Three members of the same family have drowned in a swimming pool at a house in Lusaka’s Avondale residential area.

The three are a 19 year old pregnant girl and two children aged 3 and 6 years.

The children are said to have been playing when they accidentally fell in the pool.

The 19-year old girl , who was 7 (seven) months pregnant, drowned as she was trying to save the children.

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    Bobby 2 weeks ago

    I went to school in the early 70s up to early 80s n swimming was mandatory with lessons once or twice a week.
    Today there is no such as our ministry of education is stagnant, both government n private schools don’t have such. Very sad for such to happen in this day n age. 
    Very avoidable, I blame ministry of education. 

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      Alexandra McNeil 2 weeks ago

      So did I. Went to Kalulushi recreation club Swimming pool twice a week.

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    Steve 2 weeks ago

    This is a sad development. I go to homes and see young children  playing around swimming pools and shudder at the prospect of something like this happening. We have little safety consciousness in Zambia. Covering pools with nets should become mandatory in Zambian houses to prevent these sad incidents. I don’t know if they are children of the house owner, let’s teach our children to swim at an early age before we dig swimming pools.

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    They just drowned so is this news ? Cos no mention as whether DEAD OR ALIVE

    • comment-avatar
      Matumbo 2 weeks ago

      Drown means they died in water.

    • comment-avatar
      Machines 2 weeks ago

      so you didn’t know what drowning means. “die through submersion in and inhalation of water”

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    That’s a sad news… R. I. P