Prepare elections not wedding, ECZ told

Prepare elections not wedding, ECZ told

The Electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) and Mr Patrick Nshindano the Chief Executive officer should now stop behaving like they’re preparing for a family wedding for their daughter.
This is a national election that they’re preparing and certainly 30 days is too short to register the entire eligible voters in the country.

Elections are a very serious national undertaking and exercise that requires the accommodation of the views of all stakeholders.

All indications so far appear to us that the ECZ is only pandering to the whims of the ruling patriotic front (PF) insofar as the issues of preparation of the 2021 elections are concerned.

Elections should be about everyone.

We urge the ECZ to extend the registration process to ensure the broader participation of the eligible citizens as opposed to the wilful disenfranchisement of the overwhelming majority of our eligible voters.

It is nearly practically impossible to undertake a proper, fair and reasonable inclusive registration process in only 30 days,Unless the commission is really up to no good looking at their behaviour so far.

We urge the commission to resist the temptation of displaying and behaving like they’re preparing to facilitate for a sham election that declares a loser as a winner and the winner the loser.

The commission shouldn’t be blinded and oblivious to the shift of the mood in the country desiring a credible and transparent electoral process.

We should all be wiser than before drawing our lessons from the recent events in Malawi that lead to the initial nullification of the elections.

We counsel Mr Nshindano to endeavour to be consultative and receptive to all stakeholders.

This is what will exactly help the ECZ to win public confidence and give the system the much needed credibility leading to the acceptance of the final outcome of the polls.
Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC

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