Prepare for more disappointments from PF, HH tells Chongwe

Prepare for more disappointments from PF, HH tells Chongwe

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has told the people of Chongwe to brace for more disappointments from the PF government.

Hichilema, who wound up campaigning for his party’s candidate in the Monday bye-election said in said in just 65 days, the new government has diverted from almost all its campaign promises.

Hichilema was speaking during a rally atChalimbanaCollegeFriday evening.

He told the crowd which comprised mostly youths that the chance of their getting the jobs they were promised is nil.

He said if they don’t believe him they should ask themselves why the PF which promised to improve agriculture has reduced the number of fertilizer given to farmers to two.

He said has betrayed the young people who voted for him by appointing only old people to government positions.

He said people are already grumbling openly about the PF’s diversion from its campaign promises.

Hichilema also urged the MMD and UPND to continue working together by strengthen the alliance at grassroots level.

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