President Banda arrives in Mozambique

President Rupiah Banda has arrived in Maputo Mozambique for that country’s inauguration of President-elect, Armando Guebuza and for a one-day Southern African Development Community (SADC) Heads of State and Government Troika Summit.

The plane carrying President Banda touched down at Maputo international Airport at 09:35 hours.
He was received at the airport by Zambia’s High Commissioner to Mozambique, Agness Ngoma and Mozambique government officials

President Banda is among several Heads of State and government in the SADC region who have been invited to Mozambique to witness the inauguration of the President-elect of the ruling Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (Frelimo) party.

In the pre-October 2009 campaign messages, President Guebuza pledged to continue addressing many issues among them poverty and unemployment in his country.
Mozambique uses an electoral system of Proportional Representation.

President Banda left for Mozambique this morning aboard the Presidential Challenger jet at 07:45hours at Lusaka international airport.

Mr Banda was accompanied by first Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Foreign Affairs Minister Kabinga Pande.

He was seen off at the Airport by Vice President George Kunda , Chief government Spokesperson Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha , Lusaka Province Minister Charles Shawa and other Senior Government officials.


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