President Banda gives Angolan refugees Zambian ‘citizenships’

The Angolan refugees in Zambia who want to live in that neighbouring country, can do it without any problem, guaranteed Monday president, Ruphia Banda.

Angola’s main news agency Angola Press (Angop) reports that the statement was assured under the Angolan government decision of signing a document in 2011 for ending the refugee’s statute for Angolans living abroad, once that there has been a climate of peace since eight years ago in Angola.

The Zambian president made  this offer at the international airport 4 de Fevereiro (Luanda), on his way to Brazil, for a three-day working visit.

“Refugees issues is a very difficult matter to resolve, because of involving personal aspects, once that there are Angolans who made family in Zambia, their children are studying there, reason why the government must be careful on looking at this subject. If some one wants to come back may do it, who wants to stay there may stay as well”, said the president. 

Ruphia Banda announced also that his government is getting ready to start, in 2011, with the restoring works of Benguela rail-way station in Zambian territory, under the deal between both States.

Zambia hosts over 250,000 Angolans living there as refugees, many of them said they want to get back to Angola, while others want to remain there.

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