President Banda is not Zambian and shouldn’t be president, says former envoy

One in three: president Banda

Former Zambian ambassador to Malawi and Botswana Milton Phiri has said that president Banda does not qualify to be president of Zambia because his parents are not Zambian.
Phiri told reporters in Lusaka Thursday that President Banda breached the Republican constitution by contesting the 2008 elections when he was not eligible.
Parallel information obtained by the Watchdog indicates that Former Works Minister Mike Mulongoti and Former ambassador to Libya Mbita Chitala are the ones speaking behind Phiri. The two are claiming that they have documents to prove that both parents of president Banda were born in Malawi and are Malawians. The two are said to be planning to expose the foreign parentage of the president in the next ten days.
Sources close to the two have revealed that it was Chitala who organised the press conference but used Phiri to speak.
The plot is to drive home the fact that president Banda was born in Zimbabwe to Malawian parents.
At the press briefing, Phiri disclosed that he has already written to the Chief Justice to bring to his attention this illegality and his intention to end it.
He said it will be illegal for President Banda to contest the 2011 elections.
Phiri said President Banda lied on oath when he made a statutory declaration before the Chief Justice at the time of presenting his nominations papers in 2008 that he was qualified under Article 34 of the constitution to stand for the office of the president.

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