President Banda orders press aide not to use plane with him

State House and government officials were Wednesday left wondering when president Rupiah Banda stopped his press aide Dickson Jere from boarding a plane with him.
President Banda instead ‘requested’ Jere to travel by road to Eastern province. President Banda is on a five day tour of the Eastern province.
As press aide, Jere is always with the president wherever he goes and he travels in the same plane usually on the seat next to the head of State.
But on Wednesday, the president stopped Jere who was about to board on the Zambia Air force Chinese made VIP plane at city Airport.
Government sources explained that things are not okay between the president and his spokesperson.
Sources say there have been too many complaints from government officials, MMD officials and cadres, chiefs and state House staff against Jere. Even journalist from government media have been complaining against Jere’s conduct.
Jere is accused of sponsoring and promoting internal fighting in the MMD and among government ministers.
One source explained that the decision by the president to tell Jere to use the road has nothing to do with the plane being full. The source said the VIP plane has a capacity of 20 passengers and that there were a lot of empty seats after the presidential delegation boarded.
One source explained that, a day before the president embarked on the tour, he received a request from Eastern province chiefs to summon Jere so that he can explain why he is dividing MPs and chiefs from the area.
Jere has been accused of teaming up with Education minister Dora Siliya and Peter Daka to fight other MPs from Eastern province.
Jere is also accused of blocking certain chiefs from meeting the president.
Lameck Mangani is on record saying that Jere is fighting him.
About a Month ago, Jere accessed intelligence photos meant for the president involving Mangani and a PF cadre Judith Kapijimpanga. He caused the photos to be published in the government newspapers in a bid to frame Mangani.
During the ill-fated Barotseland secession, Jere, using the Daily Mail tried to implicate minister Mike Kaingu in the secession.
Jere has also been using the president’s name to acquire property. He has so far bought a farm opposite to president Banda’s farm in Eastern province. The farm cost $US100 thousand. He paid cash after bullying a former MP who had wanted to buy the farm and had paid some of the money.
Jere was also involved in the project to remove Kalusha Bwalya from the Football Association of Zambia. In this bid, he was working with one of the president’ sons. But it appears Jere’ divisive behavior has also angered some members of the first family who have also complained to the president.
When the issue of buying a farm beyond the meager resources of civil servant emerged, Jere told his close friends at popular night spot at Arcades that he can not be fired because he knows too many secrets involving the president. It is not clear what these secrets are but there has been certain rumors bordering on pleasures of the flesh.
Jere was in the company of his current girl friend {name withheld for now}at Arcades when he was boasting.

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