President Banda orders prison to release jailed lawyer

President Rupiah Banda has directed the commissioner of prisons to release two prisoners jailed in Lusaka.

President Banda gave no reasons for directing that jailed Lawyer Nsunka Sambo and his client Victor Chilekwa be freed.

The two were jailed for three years for contempt of court by the Supreme Court.

There are thousands of prisoners in Zambia’s congested prisoners and this is a unique and strange move by the president.  The president usually releases prisoners on Zambia’s flag independence day but never like this.

His mouth piece Dickson Jere tried to explain that his boss has decided to remit the remainder of the sentences imposed on Sambo and Chilekwa following their request to President Banda to exercise his constitutional powers of Prerogative of Mercy to remit the sentences of the duo who were imprisoned at Lusaka Central Prison.

“And do hereby Order that the said persons be released from custody immediately upon condition that during the period up to the respective date when they have completed serving their sentences, they do not commit offences similar to those which they are convicted and sentenced,” President Banda said in his Order to the Commissioner of Prisons.

Sambo and Chilekwa were jailed for three years by the Supreme Court on March 30, 2010 for having written insulting letters to the bench after they lost a court appeal in a matter between Masiye Motel Limited and Rescue Shoulders and Estate Agency Limited.

“President Banda has remitted the sentences imposed on the two convicts in exercise of the powers vested in him as Head of State under Article 59(d) of the Constitution of Zambia,’ said Jere

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