President Banda orders ZNBC to employee his relatives

President Rupiah Banda has directed minister of Information Ronnie Shikapwasha to appoint Joe Chilaizya, station manager of a private radio station ,Hot Fm,  as director of programmes at ZNBC.

This is the second appointment in three months from State House to ZNBC.The other appointment involves Chris Chilongo, a relative of President Banda’s wife Thandiwe.

It is not yet clear if Chilongo who has been appointed as marketing director through State House is an uncle or brother of Thandiwe.
Regarding Chilaizya, the ZNBC board was directed by Shikapwasha to hastily meet last week to interview him, alone and he will take up the job next week by Tuesday, sources have revealed to the Watchdog.

There is an uproar within the rank and file of the staff at ZNBC who see this imposition as political meddling in the affairs of the ‘national Broadcaster.’

Joe Chilaizya is said to be backed by ministers Peter Daka, Dora Siliya and state House spokesperson Dickson Jere, and Chongwe District Commissioner Mwakalombe.

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