President Banda said to be upset with Veep Kunda

President Rupiah Banda is said to be upset with vice president George Kunda for allegedly misleading him on the constitutional amendment bill which failed to through the second reading stage on Tuesday.

According to sources, President Banda had a meeting with parliamentary Chief Whip Vernon Mwaanga, vice president George Kunda and other senior officials before he left for Livingstone the for ZIBAC and SADC Troika meetings were he issued instructions that MMD MPs agree with the United Party for National Development UPND on the voting process of the constitution amendment bill.

Among the issues said to have been agreed upon are that the MMD was supposed to accept the inclusion of the 50 plus one vote clause in the new constitution, as demanded by the UPND.

This was to facilitate that in the event the MMD does not win the coming elections with an outright victory, then the UPND would back the MMD in a run-off and form a coalition government with the UPND in an eventual victory.

Mr Kunda is said to have assured the President that the terms of reference were agreeable by the UPND.

But in the surprise turn of events, the UPND decided not to vote for the constitutional bill after voting in favour of the same bill during the first round of voting.

President Banda is said to have been upset after receiving assurances that the constitution bill voting process was going in the favour of the ruling party.

The president is said to be upset and has told vice president Kunda to sort out what has been described as a mess.

Meanwhile, sources have further explained that MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has issued instructions to all ruling party supporters, including some named Civil society organizations to stop attacking the UPND on the constitution bill failure.

The MMD is said to be making frantic efforts to ensure that the UPND agrees to work with them in the coming elections.


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