President Banda’ son James in another deal; this time oil

President Rupiah Banda’s notorious son James wants to set up an oil company in Mongu, The Watchdog has learnt.
According to sources close to State House, James is working with some named Turkish oil firm which has shown interest in constructing a pipeline connecting Zambia and Angola.
The source revealed that the named Turkish oil company operates in Angola and Nigeria and is also in transportation.
The source disclosed that President Banda’s trip to Turkey will also facilitate the final meeting with the oil company board of directors before they can finally start the works.
“The company will be called Barotse Oil Refinery, according to the memo we have, indicates that the construction will commence soon,” said the source.
The source however, revealed that the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has made reservations on the matter.
“The BRE is not willing to pave way for such an investment because the people there are still bitter, they don’t want to have anything to do with President Banda’s name. Even the Chinese investor who wanted to start rice farming at a commercial basis has pulled out because he is not welcome and he is using statehouse instead of finding out from the local leadership in the area,” the source told the Watchdog.
The source said some named senior government officials have tried to advice a named minister who is also one of the links to ask President Banda to back off from the deal but things seem not to work out.
The source said the deal of the oil company involves a lot of money and that is why the BRE seems not willing to allow an individual to benefit.
“The memo does not disclose the amount of money James will benefit but from the discussions they had it is colossal sums of money and it is in dollars, we advised as a technical team to follow the procedure but people have already been picked without tendering,” said the source.

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