President Banda’ son threatens to ‘sort out’ local journalist

James Banda, the infamous son of Zambia’s president Rupiah Banda, Wednesday threatened local journalist Antony Mukwita with unspecified action following an article that appeared on this website on Tuesday.

James and State House staff mentioned in the article think Mukwita is the author of the article which exposed the corruption and heavy drinking  at state house.

The Article was entitled “President Banda’s thieving son and corrupt drunkards who run Zambia’ State House.”

James also insulted Mukwita by calling him an ‘asshole’.

And Mukwita, a well known and respected local journalist has reported the president’ son to Northmead police station but the police did not even record his statement.

Mukwita confirmed that James phoned him midmorning and asked him why he, Antony, was writing bad things about him.

Antony denied writing anything about James.  But James told him that he wrote some articles linking James to a bar in Lusaka’ show grounds.

Antony agreed that he is the news editor of a magazine called ‘Bulletin and Records’ which last month published a story about the openning of a bar in the Showground.

According to Antony, the short story did not mention anyone.

Despite the denial by Antony, James went on to say ‘I will sort you out’.

Mukwita tried to reason with the president’ son and asked him whether it was possible to sit down and resolve the matter, but James simply said ‘asshole’ and cut the phone line.

Mukwita, fearing for his life, went to MISA Zambia to lodge a complaint. MISA advised Mukwita to report the matter to the police in the presense of a lawyer.

Mukwita expalined that at Northmead police station, the police said that since the threat was not recorded, there was nothing they could do. They promised to seek guidance from superios on what to do and said they will contact Mukwita later. By 18 hours local time, the police had not contacted him.

But sources at State house have disclosed that Antony was attacked because of the article published by the Watchdog.

James Banda and Dickson Jere are said to be very upset with the article and are planning all sorts of actions against the Watchdog and whoever they think is connected to the writing of the article.

Because the story published by Antony’s magazine last month mentioned the bar at showgrounds, State house has concluded that he is the author of the article on the Watchdog because it dwelled on the activities at the bar.

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