President Banda to go on Facebook

President Rupiah Banda will next Monday relaunch his propaganda website

President Banda will also in the next few weeks open a Facebook account for propaganda purposes.

His mouthpiece Dickson Jere says president Banda’s new website boasts of a new design and brand new content. He sais the site will include more useful information and personal details about his boss, the president’s wife and the nation of Zambia.
According to Jere, the website provides a crucial channel to help President Banda reach the Zambian people. He said it comes as part of his pledge to drive forward progress and development and so help Zambia to achieve a better place in the world. 
 The website,, was first launched in September 2010. Jere says in that short time over 8,000 people from 115 countries across the world have visited the website, leaving messages of support for President Banda and expressing love for Zambia.
He claimed that many of those messages contained requests for more information about President Banda and the work he is doing to build the Zambia of tomorrow. 

“The new website will address this, along with the images, videos and news updates that have proved so popular.
“President Banda’s official Facebook page will also launch within the next few weeks,” said Jere.

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