President Lungu accuses army officers of giving CVs to opposition

President Edgar Lungu has alleged that a number of senior officers from the Zambia Army, Zambia Air Force (ZAF) and Zambia National Service (ZNS) had submitted their CVs (curriculum vitae) to the opposition (UPND) prior to the 2016 presidential elections to be considered for appointment had the opposition won the elections


President Lungu said this on Monday morning at State House after swearing in Major General Benedict Kalinda as Deputy Zambia Air Force Commander.
President Lungu pointed out that some opposition political party members may be relatives or friends but that should not lead officers to be disloyal to the Government adding that he was aware that some senior officers from the three defence wings had submitted their CV’s to the opposition in 2016.
Major General Kalinda has replaced Major General Chintu Kapotwe who died in India a few weeks ago.

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    Musumali Liyunga 2 weeks ago

    The English have a saying that “Never argue with a fool, otherwise people will not see the difference” Therefore it is best to ignore what ever Njumbu writes.

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    Njimbu you have not worked for any one before with the only job held by you is been a cadre and worse still a cadre without brains. Eat comment but come 2021 a herdsman is coming to head poeple like you who need a good Shepard cause you have very little or no individual reasoning capacity but a louder cheer leader. Wisdom is when something isn’t right weather its in your group or the other is to point out the wrong, but when the think tank is the stomach you always wait to here it rumble and one only thought the head thinks is food, beer and women then pa bwato is working. Fertilizer not delivered, farmer produce not paid, lots of government run companies workers not paid but you cadres like yourself a parasite on nationals resources fully fattening like ready for abbatoir. Even cadres its time we started looking for reasoning ones not what am seeing from SG to your type that as long as you eat, you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing but stick out your hand to a politician for hand out whose money is it, isn’t it your money as zambian that should be avaliable in all social and economic areas of the country. Wake up a cadre makes a government good or bad depending on they calibre and what they demand for.

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    That is why those tribal creatures were retired in national interest!!!
    HH’s UPND has destroyed the lives of several bantustan Govnt officers but those tribal officers only have themselves to blame because any wise civil servant only works with the Govnt of the day!!!The OP presents data to the president on daily basis,so it is fo0lish for any Kainde’s follower to submit a CV and hope that state house wont know about it.Believe you me,that action by any officer is PURE MADNESS!!Anyway,lets see if HH employed them…..pwahahahaha….!!!!

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    Chisha Banda 2 weeks ago

    There is nothing wrong or immoral in giving another Zambian a CV particularly if it is a good one. Those that hid their CV could have history of stealing or getting fired from past jobs.

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    MunaDekhane 2 weeks ago

    They die secretly