President Lungu is the principle promoter of tribalism

President Lungu is the principle promoter of tribalism

By Anthony Bwalya

A few days ago, the Catholic bishops just issued a very short but concise Patoral Letter in which they warned and cautioned against petty and avoidable divisions, particularly those that border on tribal sentiments.

Today, there is a video of the Republican President handling himself recklessly around this highly volatile, sensitive and potentially deathly issue – TRIBALISM.

President Lungu’s badly measured sentiments in which he has insinuated that  HH’s only claim to wanting to lead this country has been that he is Tonga, are not only factually wrong but amounts to inciting TRIBALISM and division. If this were a mere PF cadre carrying himself cheaply in front of cameras, I would have been able to let it slide. But this is a guy who holds the highest political office in the land and he is the one championing tribal division in the name of painting the UPND Presidential candidate black.

And despite the President’s retrospective attempts at repairing the damage he had done by his earlier poorly choreographed sentiments, it is evident what the intention was on his part: to benefit from an issue that harbors the potential to destroy all of us.

I have always said, that TRIBALISM only exists in the minds, hearts and on the lips of those who think they have something to benefit from it.

HH has never, for the record, peddled tribal talk.

If he has, I would be keen for my attention to be drawn to available records.

But what this President is doing is pitting Zambians against each other, hoping that it amounts to enough political capital on his part.

This is disgraceful.

His focus should be on solving the endemic corruption he is presiding over, the joblessness, a failed health and education system that only work for him, his associates and their children, a failed economy that is on life support, an unprecedented public pension crisis where many thousands of pensioners have been waiting for more than 20 years without receiving their dues.

This is not a President with the right sort of focus. His focus is not and has never been on providing LEADERSHIP but on the accumulation of POWER and CONTROL, irrespective of the consequences to all of us.

And I want to say, that from a corporate governance perspective, the TONE AT THE TOP in respect of the PF administration is so poor. This is why they cannot exercise the requisite institutional control and discipline. This is why our country is now in such major, dire and irreparable trouble; something that now demands only an urgent change of national political leadeship.

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