‘President Lungu is tired’


Harry Kalaba.

President Lungu is tired. The Office is too big for him. Please Zambians a chicken can only swallow only that which is able to.
The corruption in PF is way beyond President Lungu. Its too big because the system is bigger than him. There is nothing President Lungu do to stop it hence all he can do is to allow it to go on. No wonder now he even acquit filthy stinking corrupt individuals. Lungu has become a joker of a President now and run out of ideas to govern the state no wonder he even mock citizens that he cut his salary by 20%. Presidential salary is not a secret anyway. Its 20% is about K18,000 what can that money do, who is accountable for it, who use it. Are you aware that the President is the only Zambian who has a state budget for everything? He has pays literally for nothing from his salary. The state buy him food, clothes, shoes, everything. Do you think he can feel the pinch if K18,000 is removed his salary of about K130,000? Jokes he even go further to instruct deduction on PS salary. These are civil servants who pay for everything in life from accommodation to children school fees. Let him leave them out. By the way that 20% is hand gain for PF elections in 2021. Don’t take it serious.
Are you aware that diplomats in foreign mission have gone for months without pay? This is the first of its kind in Zambian history. If President Lungu love Zambians, why not pay these guys. Have you seen those retirees who everyday go to ministry of justice and sit in the sun? If I President Lungu love Zambians, why not withdraw from Chilubi by elections and pay those people. But because he like political jokes, people are useless.
In 2022 we will be paying 750m Euro bond. Look at how PF has abused Mukula tree export. Where will the money come from. PF has abused ZAFFICO and Zesco. The zesco we have now is not the zesco we all know. Now zesco is employment for PSs sons, Ministers Children, Wives to Lusaka provincial PF cadres etc. What do you expect out of it.
Lungu is tired. He has no plans left.
People who surround him can’t tell him the truth. He believe in heavy bootlickers. Those who tell him the truth get fired. What has happened to PS Kasolo? Fired for speaking the truth. In PF now are you aware that its not procurement technocrats who procure things but ministers? Ministers are too powerful that they can even fire a civil servants. These are jokes.
If we want Zambia, let’s take PF out in 2021.


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