President Lungu says Zambia may import maize

Following an observation by Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) leader Charles Milupi that it is foolish for Zambia to continue exporting maize in the face of drought, President Lungu has said that Government is discussing with key stakeholders to explore the possibility of importing maize in case of poor rains during this year’s farming season.
President Lungu has further encouraged farmers to replant their fields that have wilted with early maturing varieties following some stability in rainfall in recent days.
The President however did not indicate whether his government has considered stopping the exports of maize.
President Lungu said he has already engaged the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) and other stakeholders to ensure food security.
He said the importation of maize may be necessary if the country continues to experience poor rainfall.
Earlier on Charles Milupi stressed in his observation that Zambia may end up importing Maize from the same countries they are exporting to now.
Many parts of Africa are projected to experience food shortages by mid February due to affects of the El Nino weather phenomenon which has resulted in drought.
El Nino is a climate circle in the Pacific Ocean with global impact on the weather pattern.
Within the region South Africa announced on Friday that the country will run out of maize in six weeks time and has set aside money for importation of maize.

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