President Lungu warns CBU students, says their grievances are flimsy

President Edgar Lungu has threatened to deal with Copperbelt University students who are demanding for payment of their meal, project and accommodation allowances.
Speaking at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Monday morning on his arrival from Copperbelt, President Lungu condemned the riot by students on Sunday evening and claimed that the reasons advanced by the students were flimsy.
‘Students are being encouraged to riot over flimsy reasons, I understand there was a delay in paying allowances or something like that and over 80 students have been suspended, if they are sponsored by politicians I will put my foot down,’ President Lungu warned.
President Lungu’s police have since set up camp inside the university where they have pitched tents to ensure students do not ‘push’ for their allowances.
President Lungu was campaigning in the Copperbelt and failed to visit the troubled institution that has been facing financial challenges for over a year.

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