President refuses to dine with corrupt people

President Rupiah Banda says he will not have lunch with Anuj Kumar Rathi who on Wednesday night won the auction bid to dine with him.

The Head of State has turned down dining with Rathi because last year he was convicted of corruption.

Mr Banda said the ruling MMD will not accept money perceived to be dirty or from people with a criminal background.

According to a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Dickson Jere, President Banda was only informed of the winner of the auction who happens to be Mr Rathi the following morning.

President Banda said since the auction that was held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre was open to all well-wishers, he had no knowledge of who was in the audience.

President Banda further said he did not recognize Mr. Rathi at the dinner when he won the bid and his name was not publicly announced.

In this light, President Banda on Thursday instructed MMD National Treasurer, Suresh Desai not to accept the K260 million Mr. Rathi pledged at the MMD fundraising dinner.

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