There are too many of you in my country, Sata tells Chinese envoy

There are too many of you in my country, Sata tells Chinese envoy

President Michael Sata has told the Chenese ambassador that there are too many Chinese coming into Zambia and that they are paying Zambian low wages.

But the Chinese ambassador Zhou Yuxiao reminded Sata that there are Zambian bosses who pay worse than Chinese.

This was at State house Monday morning when the Chinese evnoy tendered a congratulatory letter from Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Sata said the Patriotic Front -PF- government is concerned the number of Chinese expatriates who are coming into the country to take up jobs which Zambians are capable of doing is unlimited.

Sata said Zambians are grateful to the Chinese government for funding the Lusaka General Hospital and the Ndola Stadium.

In response, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxio said the issue of low wages was not only a problem with the Chinese investors but that there are many of local investors that pay their workers lower wages than the Chinese investors.

Zhou said China will work with the current government to ensure that all Chinese investors follow local labour laws.

The Chinese envoy says it is in the best interest of the Chinese investors to use the local people because it is cost effective.

Earlier the Chinese Ambassador and the President held a closed door meeting.


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