President Sata and his decrees policy

A cross section of Zambians are already getting disillusioned by President Sata’s leadership style especially, decree policy and directives being issued without the consultation and clarity they deserve.

In an interview with the Watchdog, Mary Tembo, a maketeer of Lusaka, says it seems interestingly, that what makes Presidents and our leaders in parliament get detached from the people has gripped Sata quite too soon.

“The five year mandate we gave bashikulu will be interesting to review come 2016.

For example, we now have a situation where instead of firing incompetent officials like Chishimba Kambwili, it is their positions that are getting ‘fired’ from them. What kind of reasoning is that, it has never happened in the history of this country. Is this the change we voted for really?” she says.

On the movement of districts from one province to another, Mr. Chizyulu Nawa of Mumbwa says this does not make any sense at all.

“Itezhi-Tezhi is 204Km from Choma, and 350Km from Kabwe. It is home to the largest post-independence dam and cattle farmers in Southern Province move their cattle to a pasture-rich region at the south-western front of the Kafue Flats in the dry season.

This new change will mean that the movement of cattle will have to be regulated as a matter of animal disease control since the area will now be under a new provincial jurisdiction. This will greatly affect the meat processing industry and put pressure on beef and dairy product prices.

After the recent increase of almost 50% in milk by Parmalat (Morning Fresh range) prices last week, one can only fear for what this new move entails.

As for Chirundu, whereas the distances make sense (Chirundu-Lusaka is 116Km and Choma-Chirundu is 284Km). But given the fact that the provincial administration of Lusaka is more pre-occupied with the capital city, Chirundu will merely be another Laungwa district, barely recognised and often overlooked” he said.

Gabriel Chanda, a tax driver said President Sata should have definitely consulted more widely instead of giving political ammunition to the currently disorganised opposition. Rolling out contentious decisions that have far reaching political and social ramifications, without an adequate publicity campaign, is not good for any government. Such ideas must be wholly embraced by all, and not be seen as a show of executive power.

On the manuovors to have KK’s portrait on the Zambian currency, John Chiwila of Chawama compound wondered how many times the Kaunda name will be honoured in this country. There are already too many compounds and public places named after Kaunda. Besides, there are too many in this country that also deserve recognition such as Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Nalumino Mundia, John Mwanakatwe, Elijah Mudenda, Reuben Kamanga, Simon Kapwepwe, Aaron Milner, Peter Matoka, Grey Zulu, James Skinner, Mama Kankasa, etc.

He has urged Zambians to say no to Post newspaper calls for KK’s portrait to be put on the kwacha.

Jane Mulenga of Kanyama says “It gives me the impression that PF has run out of ideas. All they know is create, recreate, form, deform, destroy, re destroy provinces, districts ministries, etc”.

We want jobs and more in our pockets not just fake pronouncements and Commissions of Inquiries that are benefiting his friends”.

Some of these unilateral decisions do no make any sense and are not even budgeted for.

“For example, instead of honouring the Barotse Agreement he promised the people of Western Province, he has merely published it when owners already know it” she said.

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