President Sata booed at Kunda’s funeral

President Michael Sata was Friday afternoon booed by mourners during the church service of former vice-president George Kunda.

Trouble started when Sata stood to address mourners in the church who included almost all opposition leaders.

In his address, Sata decided to attack former envoy to Canada Nevers Mumba and called him ‘some of these tuma pastors without a church who ordained themselves’.

This prompted loud booing from the mourners some of them who started shouting that the president’s speech was disjointed.

But despite the booing and protesting from the mourners, Sata continued attacking the opposition.

He condemned people questioning his government’s failure to evacuate Kunda for specialist treatment saying ‘I evacuated Princess Nakatindi Wina’.

Sata also condemned people saying it was not necessary to give Kunda a long period of mourning. He said he was not the one to blame that another late vice president Christon Tembo was not given three days of playing solemn music. He said it was former president Rupiah Banda who denied Tembo a long period of mourning.

After the incidence of booing, president Sata sat down but within five minutes, he stood up and grabbed the micro phone from the master of Ceremonies.

He then told the mourners that he has d just received information that there were youths outside the church wearing T-shirts written ‘don’t Kutina.

He then ordered the Inspector General of police Stella Libongani to go and sort out the youths.  This attracted more booing from the mourners.

He told them that if the youths wanted to fight him, he was ready for them.

A group of youths mostly wearing MMD party material were seen outside keeping vigil and vowing to protect all leaders of the opposition from attacks by ruling party hooligans.

PF cadres were outnumbered by those wearing opposition materials.

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