President Sata chases Kabimba from State House

President Sata chases Kabimba from State House

Information has emerged that President Michael Sata on Tuesday March 25,2014 chased Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba from his office after he had gone to protest the appointment of Jean Kapata as Tourism Minister. Meanwhile, former Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo is making frantic efforts to meet President Sata who seems not interested.

According to a source at State House, Kabimba after hearing reports that Sata was about to elevate Kapata from Deputy Minister Community, Mother and Child to full Cabinet Minister at Tourism called George Chella for a quick appointment with the President. When Kabimba was ushered into President Sata’s office, he complained to Sata over the appointment of Kapata as a full Cabinet Minister.

It was at this stage that President Sata told Kabimba “to get out of his office” because he was not the appointing authority. Kabimba quickly left the office and drove off.

Meanwhile, Masebo has been making frantic efforts to see President Sata . The source said Masebo want to tell President Sata that he was misled by Eastern Safaris Director Yousuf Zumla. Masebo has told State House Aides that she wants to tell President Sata that it was Zumla who advised her to lie in court and say that President Sata advised her to dissolve the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board.

The source however said President Sata seems not interested to meet Sylvia Masebo.

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