President Sata emerges, talks about the Watchdog

President Michael Sata has directed his new arttoney-general Mumba Malilo to make sure that all Internet newspapers are registered.

And Sata says the Zambian Watchdog online is owned by the opposition United Party for national Development (UPND).

Sata was speaking Friday at State House when he swore in Mumba Malila as arttoney-general and Rose Wandi as Director of the Anti-corruption Commission.

He accused the Watchdog of proagating rumours that he has died.

‘Remember last year before we went to elections, the  Watchdog said Sata has collpsed, Sata is sick, Sata is dead, and yesterday, they said I am dead. Maybe I have got so many lives,’ said Sata.

He said the Watchdog is owned by UPND and that the UPND is using it to tell lies about the president.

Sata further accused the UPND of surviving on blood of other people.

And Malila, who was fired for leaking information in the last government, said he will carry out an invetory of all Internet publication operating in Zambia.

Malilo told the government controlled ZNBC that those publications which are operating illegally will be dealt with by the police.

And Sata has dissolved the board of the Zambia National Building Society. Sata has appointed a commission of inquiry to be headed by a Mwila Lumbwe to investigate how ZNBS has been operating.

He said the board was paying the director K56 million when the company was not making money.



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