Acting President Scott walks out, ending PF NEC meeting abruptly

Acting President Scott walks out, ending PF NEC meeting abruptly

Cabinet meeting before NEC meeting

Cabinet meeting before NEC meeting

The PF central Committee Meeting on Monday afternoon ended abruptly after acting president Guy Scott walked out.

The NEC was in the process of adopting a candidate for the presidential by-election when Scott told them that he needed to consult lawyers or the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ0 before proceeding. Scott told the meeting that if he proceeded to pick a candidate he would be sued.

But the Edgar Lungu team told Scott that LAZ is not a court of law.

In frustration and anger, Scott called for the singing of the national anthem then walked out.. People who attended the meeting told the Watchdog that Guy Scott noticed that he only had support from Wilbur Simusa, Sylvia Masebo, Emmanuel Chenda so he decided to abandon the meeting.

The NEC meeting started in the afternoon at State House. In the afternoon session, the PF NEC decided to abrogate its constitution and give itself powers to appoint a president.

The NEC rejected the guidance by Acting President Guy Scott that a presidential candidate be elected from a General Conference. According to people close to Edgar Lungu, the proposal was put to a vote and the results were 28 to 7 for a Presidential Candidate to be chosen by the Central Committee and against the General Conference.
After agreeing, the Central Committee went back to impose Edgar Lungu as presidential candidate.
The Central Committee comprises 53 members and has many vacancies that were not filled.
It was during this meeting that the acting president walked out.

‘ We were suppose to go to the motion to pick a candidate when Guy Scott started mumbling that he needed legal advice from LAZ,’ said a NEC member.

Other NEC members indicated that the meeting would be reconvened on Thursday, 20 November 2014.

And the Watchdog is reliably informed that at least one candidate has promised to go to court should NEC go ahead and pick a candidate against the party constitution requirements.


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