President Banda warns against Egypt style uprising

President Rupiah Banda has warned Zambians against emulating the demonstrations that have engulfed North African countries resulting in dictators been toppled.

Zambia goes to the polls to elect a new president in the last quarter of this year.

But president Banda says Zambians should not take to the streets if his party, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy retains power.

He was speaking at a small, old and dirty airport called City Airport Wednesday morning before flying to Eastern province.

President Banda said Zambia is a democratic country and that elements of violence should not be tolerated at any level.

President Banda expressed sadness at the ongoing protests in Libya and advised political leaders in the country to concede defeat when they lose elections other than resorting to violence.

President Banda claimed that Zambia is a role model to the Arab world because the democracy people in those countries are fighting has already been achieved.

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