Presidential aspirants voice out on fight against corruption

National Movement for Progress (NMP) President Ngandu Magande says there is need for political will if the fight against corruption is to be won as it has posed a great challenge to Zambia’s development.

In a live debate on Muvi TV, Magande said must work and live by the set regulations and be accountable to the voters where necessary.

He said leaders should be individuals of integrity and credibility if the country is to prosper.

Magande pledged to re-introduce the abuse clause in the constitution if his party forms Government after next week’s elections as it will be a deterrent for citizens involved in corruption.

Meanwhile, United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema said it is sad that corruption has become a way of life in the country.

Hichilema described corruption as a thief as it is the reason why there are poor health facilities, dirty water, and poor sanitation in Zambia.

He alleged that recycled leaders are to blame for the rampant corruption in the nation as they are the perpetuators of the vice.

The UPND leader noted that if the fight corruption is to be successful would be offenders must be prosecuted with no reference to state house.

Speaking on the same program, Heritage Party (HP) President Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda charged that the whole nation is crooked so the fight against corruption needs concerted efforts.

Miyanda said it is sad to see Clergymen and Military Personnel being dragged to court for abuse of resources.

He noted that for the first time Zambia has witnessed campaigns with extravagant abuse of resources which is a great source of concern.

Miyanda said there is need for corruption to be fought starting from the top, that is the head of state so that the vice is curbed.

In addition, National Restoration Party (NAREP) Leader Elias Chipimo described corruption as a killer and constraint to national development.

Chipimo said there is need for institutions assigned to fight corruption to work independently without Government interference to allow for accountability and transparency.

He noted that a truth and reconciliation commission must be set up so that individuals guilty of corrupt practices can be questioned to help come up with resolutions of recovering the misappropriated funds.

Chipimo pledged that NAREP will re-introduce section 36 of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Act as it will prevent individuals in public office from abusing tax payer’s money.

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