Presidential candidates should be subjected to medical tests-Bwalya

Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Ft Frank Bwalya says presidential candidates should be subjected to medical tests before contesting elections.
Bwalya said currently the law does not provide for medical tests and as a result people who had bad health while in opposition end up in power.
Bwalya wondered why people are subjected to medicals when they apply for jobs but politicians don’t do the same yet they are also employees.
“ When you are getting a job you are subjected to medicals , in the police they make you run so why not with politicians because they are employees,” Bwalya wondered.
Bwalya was however quick to mention that he was not referring to any particular person.
President Sata had a record of poor health even before he was elected President and was reported to have collapsed in the Chief Justices’ office before he could file his nominations for the 2008 presidential by-elections.

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