‘Presidential limouisine was bought by Mwanawasa’

The Mercedes Benz armoured state limousine which president Rupiah Banda is using was ordered and paid for by his predecessor Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, it has been revealed.

The Post newspaper is running a story saying ‘UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has described the purchase of a new presidential Mercedes Benz armoured state limousine as a sign that President Rupiah Banda wants to live a flamboyant life.

“Commenting on the revelation that President Banda purchased a new presidential vehicle less than a year in office and in the midst of a persistent fuel crisis, Hichilema said the president had misplaced priorities.”

But sources at the ministry of works and supply have told the Watchdog that the limousine was ordered and paid for by Mwanawasa but only delivered after his death.

Sources said that customer-made vehicles like the one in question take upto a year or longer to be delivered from day of making the order.

Sources said the order was made more than two years ago and the maker had to start building the vehicle after the order was made.

Sources also explained that  president Banda first used the vehicle in September this year when he officially openned Parliament.

“That car belongs to the legacy”, said one source.


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