Presidential petition to be heard indirectly

Presidential petition to be heard indirectly

The UPND should be happy that the PF has again financed Richard Mumba, a disgraced ‘pastor’ to drag its MPs to the constitutional court. Richard Mumba has been paid by State House to petition the constitutional court to declare 52 UPND seats vacant for refusing to recognise Edgar Lungu as president until the presidential petition is heard.

It is very easy for UPND lawyers to turn this case into a presidential petition, unless, the MPs won’t be given a chance to explain why they are refusing to be addressed by Edgar Lungu. Otherwise, MPs will tell the court that they do not recognise Lungu as president because they are convinced that it was Hakainde Hichilema who won the lections. The court will have no choice but to ask the MPs to produce evidence that Lungu rigged the elections.

So the dull PF has once more scored against itself.

By way  Richard Mumba and his  lawyer Malipenga are not new to this game.

hichilemaReaders will recall that this is the same chap together with another mental patient Wright Musoma who were funded by Lungu to try and avoid the 2016 elections.

A few months before the elections

Richard Mumba and Wright Musoma sought a court order to stop the Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ from conducting the 2016 Presidential Elections.

 The two through their quack lawyer Malipenga ‘argued’ that President Edgar Lungu should serve a full term of five years before another Presidential election.

Mumba of Chibombo District and Musoma of Lusaka said that article 35 Sub-article one of the Zambian Constitution states that every President shall hold office for a period of five years.


The two had claimed that  Lungu’s tenure would expire on 20th January 2020.


Of course this matter was ignored with the contempt it deserved.

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