Presiding officer caught with pre-signed results before counting starts

Alert opposition political party members have thwarted an attempt by the Patriotic Front to rig elections in Solwezi Central. The alert officials from the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) have since apprehended a Mrs. Lombe Kaemba the Presiding officer for Community Development Pollling Station under the Kandemba Ward.

Mrs. Lombe Kaemba had started forcing polling agents from opposition political parties to pre-sign the election declaration form hours before elections close at 18 hours.

A Police source has disclosed that Mrs. Lombe Kaemba the presiding officer for the polling station signed the election result declaration form and started coercing polling agents to sign them before close of elections but alert officials got wind of it and reported the matter to the Police.

“What had happened is that she signed the declaration form around 16 hours and started asking polling agents to pre sign them when the procedure is that the forms can only be signed one all votes are counted. How does one sign it when people are voting. It is a crime under the Electoral Act and we are definately detaining her,” the source said.

The source said Mrs. Lombe Kaemba is a very close friend to the mother to PF candidate Newton Malwa. Kandemba ward has the larget number of voters in the entire Solwezi Central Constituency.

“Kandemba ward is the biggest ward in the entire constituency. The ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia) has been informed.

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