Pressure: PF plotting to recognise Chitimukulu today

Pressure: PF plotting to recognise Chitimukulu today

Following the massive rallies in Northern province and especially Kasama by UPND, acting president Guy Scott has been dispatched to go and recognise Kanyanta Sosala as Chitimukulu.

‘I wish to inform you that Henry Kanyanta Sosala will be recognised by Government today when Dr Guy Scott visits Mwine Lubemba. We have reliable information from sources that the pressure exerted by GBM and HH on the Patriotic Front regarding this issue is so insurmountable and the Government has realised that this a thorny issue that will cost the PF and Edgar Lungu the much needed votes in Northern and parts of Muchinga Province’, a source said.
But the source said unfortunately ‘this is too little to late. The weight of GBM and HH has been felt and they were guests to Mwine Lubemba yesterday.’

The PF has refused to recognise the properly selected heir to the throne of Bembas as the ruling party wants to put a puppet on the throne. When Kanyanta was announced as the new Chitimukulu, Edgar Lungu who was the minister of Home Affairs then sent police men to evict the new Chitimukulu from the palace. For more than half a year, the Chitmukulu stayed in a tent while heavily armed police cordoned off his palace. But when president Michael Sata died, the PF realised that they needed the support of the Chitmukulu to win votes in his area. Lungs himself went to kneel before Kanyanta and promise to recognise him once he is elected president.

The latest move is the peak of desperation and is clearly meant to win votes. But the new Chitimukulu is an intellectual and mostly likely will accept the recognition and that is all.

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