Prevailing environment not conducive for credible polls – SACCORD

The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has observed that the prevailing political environment in the country is still not conducive enough to hold credible elections.
SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe told Qfm Radio on Monday that this is notwithstanding the efforts being made to curb political violence and the creation of a levelled playing field for all political parties.
Mr Cheembe said his organization does not think the country can have free and fair elections when there are still complaints of unfair administration of the Public Order Act.
He said the holding of free and fair elections is not possible where people’s freedoms of expression and assembly are being trampled upon.
Mr. Cheembe said his organization has also taken note that there are also complaints by the opposition of biased coverage by the public media.
He stated that the expectation of his organization, in the remaining days before August 11th, is that the country will work towards addressing issues working against the holding of credible elections.

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