Priest says Chiluba may not go to heaven

By Ernest Mwape-Unless second republican President, Frederick Titus Chiluba repents for stealing money from this country, God will never forgive him of the sin, a Catholic Priest has prophesied.

Father Joseph Besa of Mpika urged Christians to love one another and work collectively in bringing people to salvation.

Father Besa observed that although President Chiluba was acquitted of having stolen US $500,000 by Magistrate Jones Chinyama, he needed to repent if he was to enter the kingdom of God .

“Even if President Frederick Chiluba was last week acquitted of stealing money, he needs to be penitent because God will never forgive him,” said the Priest.

He argued that being acquitted from Courts of law was not a guarantee that a person was perfect and had not stolen anything because wrong doers could go scot-free on technicalities.

He said Courts of law were not guided spiritually because any person could influence them.

chilubaHe added that only God had the power to forgive and as such, the second republican President should look up to him for all the wrongs that he had committed when he was ruling the nation.

Father Besa said as a Priest, his plea to former President Chiluba was that he should ask for God’s forgiveness because he had sinned, regardless the court’s ruling.

“As a Priest, my plea to our former President Frederick Chiluba is that he should ask for God’s forgiveness because he had committed a sin, regardless the Magistrate’s ruling,” father Besa said.

The Priest who expressed shock at the outcome of the verdict said it was unfortunate that the Court had to acquit the former President in a case which ran for eight years after the government spent colossal sums of money to prosecute him.

“It is mind-boggling to hear that an accused person is acquitted in a case that ran for eight years and government spent huge sums of money to prosecute the President Chiluba,” he lamented.

He called upon all God fearing in the country to pray for President Chiluba so that he could feel sorrow for the wrongs he had committed during his reign.

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