Priest wanted for rape, defilement in Makeni on the run

A missionary from New Zealand, Mr DJ Wells, age 41, is on the run from Police, wanted for rape of a young girl, the Watchdog has been told.

For some ten years he has been the Principal of a Christian School, Grace Academy of Makeni in Lusaka. 

A source told the Watchdog that : ” Staff have known for a long time about his active sex life with Teachers in the school and maids, and suspected defilement of children was also happening, but because of constant threats to stay quiet and a belief that he would get away with things anyway, they did remain quiet. The situation has continued for a long time, with DJ Wells often preaching at the Eternal Life Assembly in Makeni where he was an Elder.

“Before Christmas things turned against DJ Wells.  Staff decided they would speak out anyway, and at the end of January Mr Wells and his whole family were turned out of their home on the School plot by Dr Solomon Jere, Deputy Commissioner of Police. The family moved to an address in Rhodes Park, and in their absence from the school the girl pupils were medically examined. A number suspected of being defiled by Mr Wells were found to have lost their virginity. Most are still silent about who has abused them, but one who was not even ten at the time named “Uncle Wells”.

 “Police went to arrest him one evening, only to find he had been driven to Lusaka Airport that same afternoon. Zambian Police are  now initiating an international hunt for Mr Wells, while staff and pupils at the school try to recover from many negative impacts of the situation.”

According to their motto, Grace Academy, in the Makeni area of Lusaka, provides quality education to children aged over 5. The majority of thier pupils come from what are technically known as ‘underprivileged’ backgrounds, and they provide not only all materials and clothing needed for schooling but also meals and extra curricular activities.

More details later

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