Printing ballots in Zambia is a lie

Dear Editor.


Prouncement made by PF President Edgar Lungu that the 2021 election materials will be printed locally by government printers are only meant to show the donor community and the IMF especially , that the Pf government is concerned about goverment expenditure when they are not.

Edgar lungu will soon either lease goverment printers at fee to the Chinese business partners or push to obtain a massive loan which he , ECL together with zambia s official idiot Kaiser Zulu and his criminal partners in PF will plunder.


Surely how possible is it that the destructive PF goverment will manage to print election materials when they are currently failing to print simple drivers licences. I renewed my driver s licence last year in February todate have not received it from RTSA as am always told next month it will be ready , next month it will be ready.

ECL and his PF government are serious jokers and do not take national issues seriously and as such Zambian people should also not take this goverment serious.


Concerned citizen.

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