Printing of ballots in Dubai

By: Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa


Free and fair elections are the bedrock upon which our democracy is built, the very heart and soul on our nation.

Therefore, the conduct of the 11th August elections is of grave importance to Zambia and its people. Electoral commission of Zambia should not work in a vacuum; it is crucial that the key stakeholders are involved in the electoral process.

Stakeholder participation is important, because to eliminates suspicions and acrimony in the electoral process.

The suspicious conduct of ECZ and in particular its Executive director Ms. Pricilla Isaacs is shameful, scandalous and immoral. Ms. Pricilla Isaacs arrogance is a danger not only to our national security, but our hard won democracy. Her conduct has the potential to plunge Zambia into total anarchy.

Ms. Pricilla Isaacs insistence to print ballot papers in Dubai is shocking. It is shocking because, Zambia is a democracy, while United Arab Emirates is a well-documented notorious dictatorship.

Why on earth should Zambia print its ballots papers in a country of despots and tyrants? A Nation that routinely, tortures and imprisons its citizens on trumped up charges. A Nation in which security services make people disappear. A country where women have no rights and slave labor is a norm?

Why should we print our ballots in a country where Zambian observers from our political parties, will be imprisoned or beaten, within the inch of their lives for taking a bottle of beer? Or deported on flimsy grounds?

Why should we print our ballots in a nation that has no press freedom or an impartial justice system?

Only a raving lunatic can insist on having our ballots printed in such a repressive and intolerant environment.

I strongly suggest that Ms. Pricilla Isaacs undergoes psychiatric evaluation at Chinama Hills hospital. It is clear that the poor Woman is losing her mind!

It is essential that common sense and decency prevail in choosing where our ballots are printed. It is immoral to print our ballots in country covered under a heavy and dark, blanket of tyranny and oppression.

If ECZ is allowed to continue on its reckless and dangerous path, the only shelter will shall find in Zambia is rubble and chaos.

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