Printing of presidential ballots complete

Five point five million presidential ballots have been printed, and Universal Print Group projects manager Vik Vaid has told journalists that printing of the ballots which started on Tuesday August 16, 2011 was completed on Monday at 10:00hrs

Mr Vaid has also said thirty seven National Assembly constituency ballot papers have been printed so far.

Most of the constituencies with completed National Assembly ballot papers are in Central, Copperbelt and Eastern provinces.

MR. Vaid has named some of the completed constituencies as Chama South, Keembe , Mumbwa, Lufwanyama, Kafulafuta, Kankoyo, Nkana and Mpongwe.

And Mr Vaid has dismissed assertions that ballot papers could have been printed earlier than Tuesday which was the scheduled date.

He says it is not possible that the company could have printed earlier than scheduled because they only received data on the presidential nominations after the nominations were done.

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