Priscila Isaac’s clandestine project with Muyamba exposed

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There is an organization called ‘Movement for Economic Freedom(MEF)’ operating in Emmersdale opposite National Breweries along Shekisheki Road. The organization is led by a man called Sydney Muyamba. His organization has been registering people as election monitors. They came to UNZA and announced on UNZA RADIO about their programme. They have been collecting K100s from people as membership fee before they could be registered, but a few individuals did not pay. I am one of the people who registered. However, what this Muyamba is talking about is not relating to election monitoring. He has been persistently talking about HH in innuendos as a selfish, rich man. We are concerned with my friends and we suspect there is something fishy about this organization and elections. I smell another rigging agency here.

The pictures show Sydney Muyamba, the material distributed to his organisation by ECZ and the crowd he addressed. He kept mocking HH and busy mentioning Priscilla Isaac of ECZ.

His organisation is coming to UNZA on Wednesday around 17 hours to hold a meetng wth students in the sports hall.

ZWD RESPONSE: your fears and suspicions are well founded. Sydney Muyamba is one of the useful idiots working for PF. If you recall, Muyamba was the managing director of some silly grouping called ‘Team7500’ which was funded by Chishimba Kambwili. Kambwili had wanted to use this so called team 7500 to dupe Zambian youths and deliver them to PF. Sadly, Kambwili and Muyamba used the same project to swindle youths out of money some of them have since gone out of business after being tricked. Kambwili and Muyamba later differed over money and the 7500 project died. Muyamba, as a true conman who can’t do anything straight forward then registered this ‘Movement for Economic Freedom(MEF)’ and has continued with the same mentality of duping citizens. Right now he is working in collusion with ECZ Director Priscila Isaac to manipulate elections. Details coming.


Muyamba claims to be a preacher of some sort but he is just one of these charlatans specializing in stealing while shouting ‘hallelujah’, ‘fire on the mountain’.

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