Priscilla Isaac fired from Electoral Commission

Priscilla Isaac fired from Electoral Commission

Priscilla Mulenga Isaac, the woman who has been at the centre of rigging elections since 2001 has been fired from her position as Director of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Her last working day was yesterday, Tuesday 29 August 2017.

Edgar Lungu had wanted to fire Isaac five months ago but was advised to maintain her until he is sure that the presidential petition is not heard. The fear was that if Isaac was fired and the presidential petition is heard, she would have appeared as witness for the opposition.

So Isaac was retained but on a ‘handover contract’ which was terminated yesterday. But now that Lungu is sure that the presidential petition will never be heard since Hakainde  Hichilema is now only talking about 2021 (which will be rigged using different people and system), Lungu can afford to get rid of the people who helped him rig the 2016 elections. Isaac has outlived her usefulness.

We understand she will be replaced by Chomba Chella, a disgrace to the ECZ and democracy. Chella is a personal friend of Antony Mukwita, Lungu’s ambassador to Sweden and one of the key people that rigged last year’s elections.

Priscilla Mulenga Isaac joined the ECZ in 2000 as Public Relations Officer and rose to the position of Deputy Director Elections before being appointed boss of the ECZ due to her dedication to pleasing the ruling party.

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