Prisons boss Chato’s properties exposed after his sex scandal

Prisons boss Chato’s properties exposed after his sex scandal

The Kabwe local court today went to view Zambia Prison services commissioner general Percy Chato’s properties, some of it dubiously acquired during the ongoing divorce case. This is in addition to the many other properties he has bought for his girlfriends.

It was heard that Chato has acquired seven vehicles, two farms in Chisamba and Kabwe, three mansions and two plots hosting seven executive flats in the plush Luangwa extension residential area in Kabwe. 

Some of the buildings, though personal are guarded by armed prison sentries while two vehicles were uncovered from Mukobeko maximum prison yard where he initially wanted to block journalists following the matter from seeing them.

His wife of 21 years, Irene Sichikwenkwe has sued him for divorce after the prison chief abandoned her and their three children to go and live with a concubine  Christabel Namwange Mwale Samanga ‘Chato’.

And a watchdog source from the Zambia prison service has disclosed that during the inspection, Chato ordered the sentries at one of his personal properties to rough up journalists but after failing Chato got incensed and personally harassed journalists.

The source has also disclosed that Chato actually has more properties than what is known to his wife. The properties have been acquired through dubious contracts and thefts from the government.

The makes of some of the vehicles uncovered and under contention so far are two Mercedes Benz, Toyota Chaser,  Mitsubishi Lancer, two Toyota VX Land cruisers and a Nissan hard body.





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