Private media says covering Covid-19 briefing, screening risky

Private media says covering Covid-19 briefing,  screening risky

By Michael Kaluba

The Zambia Institute of Independent Media Alliance (ZIIMA) has taken a swipe at the ministry of information for showing no concern over the welfare of journalists during the Covid 19 pandemic.

ZIIMA President Jajah Coulibaly says his organization feels the media has been neglected by the ministry of health despite the critical role journalists continue to play in order to maintain the virtue of factuality.

Mr. Coulibaly argues that journalists take risks to cover Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya’s Covid-19 updates, screening exercises, sensitization programmes and other assignments and yet there is no care from authorities over the safety and overall contribution of journalists with all concern and credit directed to health workers and some politicians.

He says most media houses are stressed as their financial base has dwindled due to loss of income, as most companies have withdrawn their adverts due to the prevailing economic situation but have continued doing covid-19 related public communication.

Currently ZIIMA is the only organisation speaking for private media after PF bought MISA.

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