Private school teachers abandoned during Covid – 19

Private school teachers abandoned during Covid – 19


On a serious note, the government with the auspice of ministry of general education has paid a deaf ear to the plight of private-school teachers.
However, the establishments of all these teaching institutions purporting to save the interests of general teachers have not lived to the expectations of teachers especially those in private sector. The common sense tells me that , the establishment of ministry of education, teaching institutions, and Teacher unions only speaks for in-service teachers paying a blind eye to the challenges faced by private-school teachers.

Notwithstanding, private-school teachers have been subjected to untold miseries ;being thrown out by their landlords, going to bed with rumbling stomach due to absence of food in the stomach.

The government made promissory pronouncements with respect to disbursements of k10 bn in a bid to help the institutions that has been hit badly by the pandemic in question alas it’s with no doubt that the funds will not reach the deserving individuals like private school teachers.

Proposal: the government through the ministry of Health would have engaged private school teachers in the COVID-19 sensitization program so as they pocket something in the name of allowances and this would have gone a long way in helping them settle their arrears.

In the wake of COVID-19 private school teachers have been dumped and thrown in Abyss . On the other hand, the media especially the traditional media has lamentably failed to report on issues affecting private-school teachers.

In summation, may the government and other relevant institutions look into the plight of private school teachers.

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