Pro and anti-Sata gangs fight with bottles in Chawama

Violence broke out in Chawama Constituency of the Lusaka Province between the Pro and Anti Kabimba groups around lunch hour today.

Innocent residents were  caught up in the fracas. The Anti-Kabimba group is supporting the endorsement of President Sata as the party’s sole candidate for 2016 elections and is being supported by Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu who is also Chawama constituency Member of Parliament.

The two groups have been fighting using beer bottles.

The Chawama road was with broken beer bottles. Meanwhile a group of MMD youths has also been caught up in the fracas at Chawama Bus Station as they met for a meeting.

The pro- Kabimba group after suffering defeat from the pro-defense Minister group descended on the MMD youths that gathered at Chawama Bus Station.The Zambian Watchdog will keep you informed on the development.

Chawama is the same place where Sata led fellow thugs to machete innocent citizens who oppsed his former Master Fredrick Chiluba’s bid to rule Zambia for more than 10 years.

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