Pro-Kabimba group sponsored by Mwaliteta arrested in Kafue

Pro-Kabimba group sponsored by Mwaliteta arrested in Kafue

A group of PF cadres in Kafue District were this morning beaten-up and arrested by police for supporting Wynter Kabimba and denouncing defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

The pro-Kabimba group in Kafue that is sponsored by area MP Obvious Mwaliteta who is also Central province minister were having an ‘illegal’ meeting and the Kafue District Commissioner who is the pro-GBM ordered the police to immediately disperse and arrest the group.

They are currently being held at Kafue and Chilanga police stations and will appear in court soon.

There is now a tension in Kafue between Mr. Mwaliteta who is in the Kabimba camp and his Kafue District Commissioner who is in the more powerful and well-financed GBM team.

Last week, the pro-GBM team led by Robbert Chikwelete in Lusaka matched along Cairo Road, arguably the busiest street in Zambia and disturbed traffic without being arrested at all, and they had no point.

Fred Mmember, who is supporting Kabimba even wrote an editorial which led in part

Those who were arrested in Northmead the other week was not because they held a protest march without informing the police but because they were violent, they injured other people and destroyed property. No one is in court for holding a procession without notifying the police. Even the one which took place on Friday, the people behind it are well known. That procession was led by Robert Chikwelete. The police know where to find him. Nothing has been done to bring him to book.

Imagine what the situation would have been if Chikwelete was from the opposition MMD or UPND?
When UPND threatened to be having its rallies without informing the police, we advised them against it and we spelt out the consequences of all that. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. If the police is to be seen to be fair, it has to treat all citizens the same way regardless of their political affiliations. If they are not ready to arrest PF cadres who break the law, they should equally not be ready to arrest opposition cadres who break the same law.We fully understand the importance of the right of citizens to protest 

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