Probing Kambwili is not fighting corruption – Chipimo

We remain staunchly unimpressed by the PF’s purported fight again corruption following the decision by the Anti-Corruption Commission to probe Honourable Chishimba Kambwili for allegedly allowing his government ministry to spend money on congratulatory messages for his personal development.

What the PF would like to present as a continuing example of its solid credentials in the fight against corruption is nothing more than the evidence of continuing wrangles and instability within their ranks.

We are yet to see any real demonstration of a commitment by the PF to fight corruption and given their track record so far, we are unlikely to see any serious steps in the future. The ACC should, by all means, probe Honourable Kambwili but let us not be hoodwinked into thinking this shows commitment to the fight against corruption. All it shows is that the PF is a prepared to fight perceived disloyalty at any cost.

Elias Chipimo


National Restoration Party

9 April 2014

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