Problem is that doctors sit in offices as managers not working as doctors

I wish to remain anonymous for now to the public. Do not publish my names and emails
It’s in the interest of the public that I am compelled to write to you and I am a daily reader of the watchdog. This is as result of the lies told at UTH that everything was ok when in fact everything has never been ok in the past.
I have always thought that it is not in order for medical officers to do administration of ministry of health, provincial health offices and district health offices, this goes on and on to general hospitals, district hospitals, hospitals at all levels. This has gone on un noticed for some time and surprising enough not even cooperating partners have raised this serious anomaly. Problems will continue in this ministry because of this problem which needs urgent uprooting. The reasons for this argument are as follows:
it takes seven good years plus to train a doctor to provide clinical care to patients and NOT to stay in the office and do administration.
Up to the year2010, the medical curriculum has had no component of administration. If the medical officers in administration have done it its through workshops and private studies. But why should all doctors be in administration?.
New graduates from school are given district to administer. Find out and you will prove.
Many problems in the ministry are human resource related and Doctors don’t know how to handle that. many people are not appointed on time, no confirmations and others retire minus confirmation.
The ministry very much well funded but priorities are misplaced and so many money related problems. The business to do with funds must be done by people with business administration I think. How can someone rely on students, will they extend their training since they are now working? How about those trained but not yet employed? What kind of management is this?
All of the sudden the cleaners have become more preferable than the Nurses. nurse have been told to blame their UNION doctors are not complaining? they have given themselves good packages.
Zambia has potential to provide better health services if financial resources wee managed well. Motivated workforce is key in health. How do you get motivated you are not appointed, not confirmed, not promoted and someone straight from school is your boss, you teach them work and there after they disregard you. I am in the ministry and this must not belittled. Nurses must continue with the strike as Tutor are now working and that is fine from a well paid Doctor. Watchdog do something about this. I hope you have gotten one or two things.

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